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Learn tips and hints to use a variety of electronic and technical equipment to enhance work with volunteers.

~ April 2009~

Technology:  How Do You Measure Up?

Jane Cravens, an intrepid purveyor of all things tech in the volunteer world recently sent me a list of “should have” technology features of the well-rounded volunteer program.  It is a checklist.  See how your program stacks up.

1.  ____ Have an online discussion group for all volunteers.  If not now, a written plan on how to cultivate group participation in the blog.
2.  _____  Have joined and read CYBERVPM,UKVPMs and/or OZVPM.  Routinely post questions or respond to questions. 
3.  _____  Have a blog about their volunteering program, with a written plan on what the blog will be focused on, who the audience is, who will author it (just the volunteer manager? will there be guest bloggers?)
4.  _____ Have used YouTube to find, view and critique at least three videos focused on recruiting, orienting or training new volunteers
5.  _____ Have an instant messaging account (IM)   if they don't have one already (everything is cross platform -- Yahoo, Google, MS, AIM, everything)
6.  _____ Have communicated their IM address to their volunteers, and log in every day in the morning, and stay online all day, to see who does and doesn't IM with them (their volunteers, other students, etc.)
7.  _____  Have created three - five online volunteering opportunities at their organizations
8.  _____ Have an online orientation and application process for new online volunteers
9  _____ Have a recruitment plan to fill at least five online volunteering opportunities in the next 12 months.


Answer Key

8-9 checks—you are wired; 7-6 checks-you are this side of 2000; 5-4 get help on the technology front; 3 or less-have you considered a home computer?  Scores are all in fun!

Adapted from email from Jayne Craves at jc@coyotecommunications.com

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