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~February 2014~

Responsibilities of Trainers

lady at library shelf


Radicalizing Learning Adult Education for a Just World
Authors: S.D. Brookfield & J.D. Holst
ISBN 978-0-7879-9825

Stephen Brookfield is a prolific writer on adult education and learning, He continues to push the bar for those who teach and train adults.  His new book, with Holst, outlines a radical notion about the responsibilities of trainers in the post-modern era.

It asks teachers to think about a democratic approach to learning and living. The authors tie adult learning to political economic democracy.  The training adults receive should include where the control points are for access to wealth, education, health care, and labor.  Examples are validated and evidenced through the work of Nelson Mandela.  Peoples in classroom

Suggestions for bringing about action is to conduct training that includes workshops, post-workshops, movements and crusades.  The principle, if applied in a volunteer setting, is that education on a specific task or duty is not enough.  Learners need to understand the “back story” and what is impacting the continued need for the organization to offer such services for decades.  Change will only occur when the learner (volunteer) understands the dynamics of social change.

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