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On this page are ideas to help you work more efficiently with volunteers. There are tips on recruiting, engaging, coordinating, and managing the work of volunteers.

~September 2012 ~




Time to sign up for college all online class that combines practical and theoretical content to help you be more effective at recruiting.  An eight week class designed to build an effective recruiting plan.

Recruitment of Volunteers September 24 – November 18

Recruitment of Volunteer (8 weeks)engages students in a marketing approach to the recruitment of volunteers.  Interactive activities involve students in practical discussions of the different styles of volunteering—traditional and episodic; building a recruiting plan, advertising and promotion for volunteers, and the organization of a volunteer recruiting team. Assignments in all classes are interactive and designed to build skills directly applicable to a manager of volunteers program.  Assignments can be used immediately in existing volunteer programs. 

For more information: http://distancedegree.pdx.edu//programs/v_engagement.php

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Ever wonder about charitable contributions in you neighborhood?  NPR reports on a new study that tells you that Indianapolis has a high density of wealthy people and low donation rates.  Birmingham, Alabama has third highest rate of individual giving (7.2%) and Providence RI has the lowest rate (2.8%).  Knowing who gives and what rates can help when planning a fund raising event or asking for donations. Get more details and links at NPR.

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Volunteerism Research:  A Review Essay”
John Wilson
Nonprofit and Volunteer Sector Quarterly
beginning April 2012

An article by John Wilson in the journal of the Association for Research on Nonprofits and Voluntary Action, the Nonprofit and Volunteer Sector Quarterly, carried a review of research on various aspects of volunteering.  For the next several months the results of his review in a variety of areas related to volunteerism will appear in Volunteer Today.  Many university libraries have the electronic version of this journal.

Immigrants and Minorities and Volunteering

  • It is widely believed that volunteering by minority groups is under reported, because these individuals are not reached by social surveys and their “volunteer” work is rarely done through formal organizations.
  •  To some degree lower rates of volunteering among minority groups is due to prejudice and discrimination---people discouraged from volunteering.
  • Many minority group members are new arrivals to the US and view the ideas of doing volunteer work for strangers “inappropriate.”
  • Citizens born in the US have higher rates of volunteering (no matter race or ethnicity) than foreign-born citizens or noncitizens.  This is also true in Canada.photo montage of minorities
  • In The Netherlands recent immigrants have low secular volunteer rates, but higher religious volunteer rates.
  • Recent immigrants channel their volunteer work into helping members of their own group. As an example, Asian American immigrants focused volunteering on organizations targeting other Asian Americans.
  • The more education an immigrant has the more likely they will volunteer in a mainstream organization.
  • Religious organizations play a pivotal role in mobilizing volunteering among immigrants.

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Marie Howell, CVA sent this clever recruiting tip to Volunteer Today.  “When you receive great service from a waitstaff person at a restaurant, leave your business card with a message on the back letting them know they were exceptional and would make a great volunteer.  Leave a nice tip, too.”

Marie Howell, CVA
Fort Worth, TX
Do you have a tip?  Send your ideas to Nancy Macduff at mba@bmi.net

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