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On this page are ideas to help you work more efficiently with volunteers. There are tips on recruiting, engaging, coordinating, and managing the work of volunteers.

~January 2012 ~


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Recruiting Volunteers

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Lying is a growing sport.  Politicians make such wonderful examples!  But, lying is going on right under your nose and by those who wish to volunteer.  Mary Kay Hood writes about commitment in her column for this month.  Suppose an administrator of volunteer programs could spot those who are lying when they make commitments.  The experts on liespotting say it is possible.

Liespotting reveals the sophisticated lie-detection methods of security experts and interrogators, and arms you with proven techniques to detect deception and build trust.
To learn more about liespotting watch this 18-minute TED Talks video on YouTube.  It provides tips on how to spot the lie.

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Given your newly developed skills in liespotting the next step is to ask the right questions.  Here are some great interview questions for screening volunteers.

dot What interested you about this volunteer position?
dot Is there an aspect of our mission that motivates you to want to volunteer
dot Tell me the story of how you chose your educational program OR career path OR life work.

dot Have you volunteered in the past?

If yes: What did you enjoy the most about your previous work? What did you like the least?

If no: What did you enjoy most about previous paid work of other activities?

dot Are you currently involved in other organized volunteer activities. What is it?
dot What special skills would you like to utilize as a volunteer?
dot Are there tasks that you do not want to do as a volunteer?
dot Can you briefly talk about your life experiences as they relate to this position.
dot What would you say are three of your strengths?
dot What is your preference--work independently or with a group?
dot What would be the ideal volunteer job for you and why?
dot Describe your ideal supervisor.
dot What are your expectations of our organization? Of our employees?
dot Do you have personal goals for this experience? What are they?
dot Do you have any concerns about what we expect of you?
dot Are you willing to make a time commitment of ______________?
dot Did you know that there is required training pertinent to this volunteer position? How do you feel about that?
dot Do you have any questions that you like to ask?

The Role of the Volunteer:  Supplement, Support, Supplant
What’s It To Be?

Vancouver, WA

Nancy Macduff, Trainer

Thursday, February 9, 2012

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