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Learn tips and hints to use a variety of electronic and technical equipment to enhance work with volunteers.

~March 2011 ~


Social media and other Internet resources can be confusing.  I just tried to set up a Digg account and failed miserably.  It can be daunting to tackle FaceBook, LinkedIn, Scribed, or Digg.  A colleague of mine sets aside a two hour appointment each week to “surf the Net.”  He is up to the minute on the latest volunteer news and resources.  He is intentional.  

Today I was rushing to meet the Volunteer Today deadline for publication, wanted to include Digg as a resource and did not have the time to explore and learn.  Digg got an email from me!  I have not given up.  You too can master the intricacies of the Internet and Twitter and have extremely helpful tools at your disposal.  It cannot be rushed, however.  And patience is required.  Do it when you are fresh and in a private location with no pinging email or ringing phones.

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The question is not what can you do with Google, but what can’t you do?  Google seems to grow more versatile each day.  Here are some Google apps to help you manage the volunteer program and your life.

Google News – up to the second stories on today’s events.  You can also ask Google news to send you information regularly on a specific topic.  I get a daily list of 10 top stories with the word volunteer in the title, for example.  That could be refined to volunteer administration.  If you work with an art museum that could be the topic.  There are also options to receiving the information and its all free.


Google Images-terrific collection of images.  Need  picture.  This is the place to go.


Google Videos- Looking for images to enhance a class?  Illustrate a point?  Have a laugh?  This is the ultimate way to search


Google Scholar – Google has started an effort to capture scholarly work on a wide range of topics.  This provides links to journal articles and papers to help find the answer to volunteer administration questions.


Google Docs is a treasure trove of help.  There are spread sheets, presentations, committee planning applications and much more.  It is worth a visit.

Before considering purchasing an Internet application visit Google and sample the various application of this versatile search engine.

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