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Learn tips and hints to use a variety of electronic and technical equipment to enhance work with volunteers.

~July 2011 ~

Email Newsletters

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My church is moving gradually to conveying information via email.  We still get the paper letter, but more and more the information comes from our email.  I wish they would move to a snazzier format of email.  Sometimes the informational emails involve lots of scrolling. 

Imagine the savings in $$ if there was an electronic version of the newsletter. Paper, postage, time to collate, trip to post office, etc for 200+ families is costly.  It is dangerous to assume that all old people are computer illiterate.  Many a grandparent has learned to Skype to see those grandkids in Peoria!  More and more seniors have Internet access and email addresses.  Gradually the number of people requiring print versions of the newsletter will diminish.

All volunteer programs need to consider the cost of the paper newsletters.  What are the options?  The administrator of volunteers is not a graphic designer, does not want to send out huge text-heavy emails, and has no time to spare.  Professionally designed templates for online newsletters are available.  There are user-friendly templates to create an organization specific email newsletter that is snazzier (as requested!) and colorful.  And there are two options.  It can be sent as a straight text email, or colorful newsletter with photos, logos, and up to the minute news.

Volunteer Today has such an email newsletter.  Those readers who wish a reminder that the monthly issue is posted get an email newsletter called VTNEWS.  (You have to subscribe!  Check our home page to sign up!)  Your organization could do the same.  Enlist subscribers.  Then take them off the snail mail list

Cost?  Nonprofits or volunteer programs receive steep discounts with Vertical Response (VTNews’s home) or Constant Contact.  Vertical Response charges .01275 cents per viable email address (slightly more than a penny) for 0-1000 emails sent.  Constant Contact provides 20% discounts for six month prepay for 0-500 emails.  Both companies have great templates and excellent customer service for beginners.  There are even free trial offers available.

For more information:

Vertical Response

Constant Contact

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