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They are volunteers, too!
Look here for information and the latest techniques to develop your board or committee. The purpose is to help those who work or serve on nonprofit boards of directors or committees.

~October 2010~


Sample Orientation

1.  The organization in brief

a.  mission, vision, purpose
b.  strategic plan
c.  programs and numbers (brief)

2.  You as a director

a.  commitment of time, belief, and money

1) meetings take time, preparation, discussion, and decision-making
2) believe in the mission of the organization with no reservations
3) give, get, or open doors for money

b.  the corporate and legal framework of the organization

3.  Profile of the organization

a.  overall view
b.  use visuals
c.  introduce people, programs, operations,

4.  You as member and the board

a.  board authority and function
b.  board responsibility

5.  Legal and ethical consideration

a.  legal audit form
b.  liability issues

1).  Actions of employed persons
2)  violations of civil rights acts
3)  conflict of interest
4)  mismanagement or non-management

a) mismanagement is

5) no  provisions to protect assets, health, safety of program participants or members

6) reports on reviewed for problems

7) decisions made when information suggests different direction

8) inadequate controls and reporting system

a)  non-management

9 )not attending board or committee meetings

10) not using data to make decisions

11) not using control systems

a)  improper expenditures
b )  waste of assets
c )  poor investments
d )  failure to exercise due care

c .  Good Faith behavior

1)  attend board and committee meetings
2)  be aware of organizational operations
3)  be aware of legalities affecting organizational operations
4)  meet minimum statutory requirements and conduct an annual audit
5)  deal with potential conflict of interest
6)  record dissent from actions taken and enter them into the minutes
7)  make informed decisions
8)  seek legal advice

d.  Avoid conflict of interest

1)  board made aware of potential conflict
2)  authorized by board vote
3)  recorded in minutes
4)  person benefiting does not vote

6.  Effective Operations

a.  provide a board roster
b.  standing and ad hoc committees
c.  executive and nominating committees

7.  Board and Staff Relations

a.  Board and staff are partners

1) board hires executive, makes policies, and delegates to executive
2)  executive hires staff, carries out policies, and delegates to staff

b.  Supervising the executive director

1)  the position description
2)  organizational goals and plans
3)  president and executive team
4)  executive reports
5)  annual performance evaluation


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