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Learn tips and hints to use a variety of electronic and technical equipment to enhance work with volunteers.

~ July 2009 ~



Raising resources for local organizations can be expensive.  Events take time, people, and those with lots of cash to spare.  Direct mail appeals are costly.  In a time of economic austerity sites like the Network for Good can be a boon.  A carefully selected committee of volunteers in an organization could launch a campaign to move people to donate to your program and/or organization in this easy to use online format. 

This is a website where you can give to your favorite charity/charities and have all your donation records stored and accessible at any time. The website is safe and secure; meeting the BBB Wise Giving Alliance standards for charity accountability.  Since its inception more than 450,000 donors have contributed more than $250 million dollars using the Network for Good giving system.

There are several reasons why this online site might to the answer to some funding woes.

  • It is easy to donate online using an electronic giving system rather than writing a check and putting it in the mail.
  • Giving records that are all in one place makes your life easier at tax time and when you want to give again. A donor can log on at any time to access this information
  • There is a 4.75% fee to support the organization in its mission and for training and support to more than 50,000 nonprofits in their fundraising efforts.

For more details visit the Network for Good Web site.

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         180 Technology Tips is a Web site with a mountain or two of information on technology.  From Windows to Word to Outlook the site promises easy and free ideas on a myriad of topics related to the computer.
         There is a page of the top 10 technology sites.  Topics range from explaining how to decipher Web addresses, to flipping your screen, to the intricacies of a computer mouse.  I was enlightened by the background on the computer mouse—two kinds!  There were links to sites that allow the user to practice with the mouse. 
         This is a Web site to bookmark for the day when nothing on the computer is going right and you are looking for fast help.


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