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Explore the world of books, guidelines, online resources to enhance and improve your management of volunteers .

~ 2008~

Best Practices for Volunteer Programs

Authors:  Sue Vineyard and Steve McCurley

         There are some books and resources on working with volunteers created in the last decade that hold up well as a practical tools for those who engage volunteers in 2008.  This book, first printed in 2001, is such a book.  It is especially relevant for traditional volunteer programs, although the wealth of ideas can be used with almost any style of volunteering. 
         Major chapters include such things as Working With Staff to Develop High-Impact Volunteer Assignments; Fishing for Volunteers; Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities of Mandated Volunteering; Creative Ideas for Volunteer Recognition; The Role of the Leader, Building Credibility and Clout for Yourself and Your Program.
         In a chapter on the Art and Science of Recognition the authors outline and explain eight factors that influence keeping volunteers: expectations for behavior, rules, systems, people, communication, rewards, climate, and setting.  With decades of experience the authors create lively writing and practical and useable suggestions.
ISBN  0-911029-49-4
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