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Explore the world of books, guidelines, online resources to enhance and improve your management of volunteers .

~ 2008~

The Futurist

The Futurist is a magazine publication of the World Futurist Society, a nonprofit organization that is educational and scientific. It has about 25,000 members. In addition to the bimonthly magazine it has journals, surveys, updates, conferences, and a variety of membership programs.

The Futurist publishes articles and reports dealing with significant social and technologic trends and informed forecasts about where they might lead, methods for using information about future possibilities and where they might lead in decision making, and other topics of interest to people seeking greater success in the future for their organizations and themselves. There are six issues annually. The magazine comes as a benefit of membership.

Those who work with volunteers could have predicted the changes in volunteering, if they had been reading the projections of the writers of this magazine back in the early 1990s. Work life and home life were undergoing shifts in terms of time commitment and how long people stayed with one employer. This was an early warning of what would happen in volunteer life, as well. And their projections about our use of technology have been "spot-on" as they say in England. Membership in this organization is a trend tracker for nonprofessional in the science of futuring and all for $49 per year.

For membership information: http://www.wfs.org/

The Workshops Manual

The Workshops Manual by Nell Warren Associates is a comprehensive look at the organization and presentation of training workshops for those who work with volunteers. . .or anyone else. The authors' goal is to provide immediate and practical help in everything from understanding adults as learners to sample evaluation forms for use at the end of a workshop.

There are tips on managing the students, different training techniques, planning charts, and an excellent section on evaluation. A particularly noteworthy page talks about the "climate" of different types of groups and the questions the trainer should be asking. These groups include: cold group, hostile group, sleepy group, avoiding group, fun and games group and so on. The authors provide questions to ask yourself and some possible solutions. A must in your library for those who train.

To purchase this book visit the Volunteer Today book store: http://shop2.pageland.com/catalog.cfm?StoreID=9


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