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Volunteer Today is looking for one or more authors to write about technical issues, computer or otherwise, in the volunteer management world. If you are interested in contributing or know someone who is, please contact our managing editor Nancy Macduff at: editor@volunteertoday.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

This month's articles are provided by Laura Bunt.

~ March 2007 ~ Topics

Spring Forward
Quick Tips

Spring Forward

It is almost that time of year, Daylight Savings Time (DST), when we change the battery in our smoke detectors; adjust our VCR clock (if you still have one), and the time on your computer changes. However, you might have a little problem this year with the time on your computer because DST is happening three weeks earlier, on March 11, 2007, due to the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Here are the facts:

  • DST will now start on the 2nd Sunday in March instead of the first Sunday in April
  • DST will also end one week later than before

Spring ForwardThe question is why all the fuss? Well, most computers are programmed to spring forward and fall back on the old schedule. Newer systems such as Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.3 or 104 will not be affected and if need be, you can obtain a “patch” on their respective websites. For those of us on older machines, we are on our own. Here are some suggestions:

For PC’s, there are fixes out there for free, however, it might take a techie guru to apply the patch for you. So, if you have Tech Help, this is the time to buy them coffee and plead for them to fix this for you. Two links you can send them to are the following:

For Mac’s Older than OS 10.3, you are on your own. Simply adjust the clock yourself using the “Date & Time” option in the Apple Control Panel.

This article was adapted from "Help File" by Rob Pegoraro
March 4, 2007 ~ http://www.washingtonpost.com/

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Quick Tips
  1. Eliminate Unnecessary Emails – Before you automatically reply to an email, slow down, take a breath and read the email several times. Then write your reply making sure you answered the question completely without writing too much.
  2. Use Precision Words –Rely on the ABCs: Accuracy, brevity and clarity when communicating in either written or verbal formats.
  3. Start Due Dates – Instead of entering a due date for a project on your calendar, enter a start date to protect your timeline for finishing the project.

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