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They are volunteers, too!
Look here for information and the latest techniques to develop your board or committee. The purpose is to help those who work or serve on nonprofit boards of directors or committees.

~ June 2007 ~ Topic

What Are Your Outcomes?

One of the most important responsibilities of nonprofit boards today is to ask for specific information about the outcomes of programs: What did we really accomplish? Should we continue doing it the same way? Is it the best use of money and staff time? Is this one of the most significant things we can do to carry out our mission?

The United States Congress (both House and Senate) have indicated they intend to continue examining nonprofits to make sure that they deserve their tax-exempt status.

Donors are more concerned than ever that their money is well used.

Nonprofits need to assure themselves, their donors, their clients and public officials that they aredoing a good job. Measuring outcomes--what happened because of your program--is essential. It's good management and it can help everyone in the organization focus on priorities; feel proud of accomplishments; and/or become aware of the changes that are needed.

Other good sources for information on nonprofits, boards and committees:

Jeanne Bradner can be reached at Jeannebrad@aol.com.

See our online bookstore for Jeanne Bradner's book on boards: Leading Volunteers for Results: Building Communities Today.
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Jeanne H. Bradner

Jeanne H. Bradner is an author, consultant, trainer and speaker on volunteerism, board development and leadership. She is the author of three publications, The Board Member's Guide, A Beneficial Bestiary and Leading Volunteers for Results: Building Communities Today and Passionate Volunteerism. She served as director of the Illinois Governor's Office of Voluntary Action, Midwest Regional Director of ACTION, and Executive Director of the Illinois Commission on Community Service. She is the volunteer program specialist for Illinois' Harper College Volunteer Management curriculum.

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