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Volunteer Today is looking for one or more authors to write about technical issues, computer or otherwise, in the volunteer management world. If you are interested in contributing or know someone who is, please contact our managing editor Nancy Macduff at: editor@volunteertoday.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

This month's articles are provided by Laura Bunt.

~ February 2007 ~ Topics

Reviving your an Old PowerPoint Presentation - Free Templates
Final Tips to Revive Your Presentation

Reviving your an Old PowerPoint Presentation - Free Templates

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is primarily used as a teaching device. Although most users see it where key points are reviewed while a presenter flips from screen to screen. The question is how can you keep your presentations fresh and new? A simple way to achieve this is to apply a new template to an already existing presentation. If you are on a budget, using a "free" template would be a good option. This month, we will look at "free" templates. Using Google, we completed an online search for "Free PowerPoint Templates." We looked especially for sites that didn't require you to sign-up to a "newsletter" or the download is only available in an .exe format. Remember to follow the instructions for downloading these files at each individual site. Here are the best links we found.

This site is completely 100% free content. You will be able to find sets of PPT's, as well as free tutorials, tricks, tips and much more. If you are unsure about usage of these templates, check out the Terms of Use Link (http://www.brainybetty.com/terms.htm).

Free PowerPoint
This site has a great collection of free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds. You will like the different choices and the fact they included 2 extra slides in each collection. Included on the site are helpful links on PowerPoint, including rules for slides and how to articles.

Microsoft Office Downloads
This is Microsoft's Online website of downloads. This specific link takes you to PowerPoint (PPT) downloads. Be careful to look at the version of PPT you can use it with. Most templates on this site are for PPT 2003 or later.

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Final Tips to Revive Your Presentation

Once you have applied a new template to your presentation, consider the following guidelines when reviving your old presentation:

  • Use "Key Points" - Do NOT put up your entire presentation on the slides. Highlighting key points is the goal.
  • Pictures Over Text - If done properly this can create conversation and interest in your presentation. If your participants have to think about what they are seeing, you are engaging them in your presentation.
  • Simplify - Use a template with the same colors, same fonts on all slides. Remember simplicity will keep your audience engaged.

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