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Volunteer Today is looking for one or more authors to write about technical issues, computer or otherwise, in the volunteer management world. If you are interested in contributing or know someone who is, please contact our managing editor Nancy Macduff at: editor@volunteertoday.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

This month's articles are provided by Laura Bunt.

~ December 2006 ~ Topics

We Want YOU!
Document Shortcuts – Part 3: COPY
Scheduling Meetings

What Want YOU?
In the interest of helping our readers, we are asking you to take the following survey to help us determine what YOU need from the arena of ‘Tech Tips’. Please go to the following link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=806512416534 to take survey. And remember, comments are welcome. Thanks!

Document Shortcuts – Part 3: COPY

The next shortcut can be helpful when you need to copy an image, a block of text or an entire document. As with the other shortcuts we have reviewed, you will need to select your object, or text. Below are three options for using the "COPY" shortcut.

Option 1: Select your item, then go to your menu bar and find the icon that looks like two pieces of paper, with one covering the other. This is the "copy" icon. Next, click on the "copy" icon to "copy" the item you have selected. Remember, if you choose the wrong item, you can always "undo" or "cut".
Option 2: Select your item, then go to the menu bar and chose the one that says "Edit". Scroll down the list, and then choose "copy".
Option 3:

Choose the one that fits your computer, remember to select what you want to cut and then:

  • On a PC: Press the CRTL button plus the "C" (and let go) and
  • On a MAC: Press the COMMAND button plus the "C" (and let go)
    (the command button has the little apple on it).

The above shortcuts can be used in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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Scheduling Meetings

Many of us spend a great deal of time in meetings versus time in our office working on the projects needed for these meetings. How can you change this? If you are the one scheduling meetings, have you considered when you schedule them. Here are some simple tips.

  • Plan Ahead: Start setting up meetings for 2007 now. By doing this, you can put your meetings on your member's calendars now. The result is consistent attendance and participation in your meetings.

  • Ask for Suggestions: When scheduling your meetings, review your member's calendars. Send out an email and ask them the three best times to meet in a month. Review the time/day and pick one that works best for everyone. And remember if you don't get it on the first email; send it again with new parameters. Eventually, you will be able to find a convenient time/day for everyone.

  • Be Consistent: Try to pick a consistent time/day/location each month. If you only need to meet once a month, be consistent each month by picking the same day and time to make it convenient for all participants. An example of this could be, a meeting scheduled for the first Thursday every month from 9 am to 10 am in Conference Room B. Your members will come to expect this and thus be more prepared as the year goes on.

  • Limit Changes: Try very hard not to change the meetings once you have them set up, this will cause frustration and confusion for members. If you must do this, give as much notice as possible.

Do you have any suggestions for scheduling meetings? Let me know at lbunt@bmi.net and put 'scheduling meetings' in the subject line. I will share readers response's next month.

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