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Visit this page for ideas, suggestions and hints to build volunteer recruitment capacity.

~ December 2005 ~ Topics

View of the Future—Issues for Volunteerism

The world's futurists are projecting some trends for the near future. Many of them have impacts on an organization's ability to recruit and retain volunteers. This month and next Volunteer Today will share the outlook seen by scientists who study future trends.


  • Fewer retirees. Fewer older workers see early retirement in their future. It is likely that compulsory retirement ages will be abandoned.
  • Pressure on social services to come. Some countries with generous pension plans—France, Italy, Australia—will find challenges in funding other social programs as early as 2020 due to the growing number of retirees.


  • Migration strains social networks and services. There are about 80 million migrant workers in the world. They move from poor countries to rich straining economic and social services in the host countries.
  • Adulthood might never come. Adulthood is defined as having financial independence and the ability to support a family. Many young Americans need good educations to achieve these goals. The disappearance of educational grants and subsidies is forcing people to stay in school longer.


  • No more classroom or desks. In the future high school students will take advantage of “real time” technology and the availability of distance learning to schedule their own class sessions.
  • Instant messaging in the classroom. Trials in Kansas show students more connected to teachers through the use of instant messaging and email during classes. Real time quizzes were given and students receive real-time feedback.


  • Paris and Chicago get hotter. Urban areas, like Chicago and Paris will have a 25% increase in serious heat waves. They will last nine days longer on average.
  • 1000 years to repair lakes. The human damage worldwide to lakes could take as long as 1000 years to heal. Fertilizer runs off into lakes where chemicals choke out oxygen. Restoring wetlands is only one of the possible solutions.
  • Cell phones clog landfills. Britain has created biodegradable phone parts to reduce the build-up of phones in landfills. Some casing are implanted with flower seeds.

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The Power of Language

Volunteers react to the environment in which they work. Language is a big part of the work environment. Here are some questions to check if you are using the language of equality.

1. Are volunteers referred to as "our people?"
2. When talking about volunteers does the staff talk about "using"volunteers?
3. Do you "oversee" the work of volunteers?

Involve volunteers, not use them. Volunteers are those who give service working jointly with paid staff. Volunteers work with us. Check your language, it sends a message about how you value volunteers.

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Web Site Recruiting

Web sites are a good place for recruiting volunteers. Organizations miss the mark with people with common Web mistakes. Check your Web site to improve your ability to draw volunteers to your organization. Ask the Web designer to make changes to enhance the pages aimed at volunteer recruitment to be more effective.

Avoid blinking, rolling, bouncing elements.
Check text blocks for alignment.
Avoid long runs of text. Turn them into bullets.
Do not squeeze or stretch photographs out of shape.
Avoid multiple typefaces for headlines and body content.

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The Points of Light Foundation has forms available to nominate volunteers and volunteer organizations for the Daily Points of Light Award. It is designed recognize individuals and groups that demonstrate unique and innovative approaches to community volunteering and citizen action, with a strong emphasis on service focused on the goals for children and young people set by the Presidents Summit for American's Future. The award is given five days a week, excluding holidays. If you would like nomination forms, call 202-729-8000.


By calling 1-800-VOLUNTEER in the U.S., individuals can be connected to their local volunteer center. This is a national interactive call routing system designed to get volunteers connected to people who can help them volunteer.

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