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Find news you can use on a variety of topics; opportunities to raise money, changes in postage rates; statistics and facts that impact volunteer programs; and more.

~ October 2004 ~ Topics

Proposals to Regulate Nonprofit in United States

Hearings held in June and July 2004 could bring big changes to the regulations for nonprofit organization in the United States (US). The US Congress is considering changes in nonprofit laws for the first time in 25 years.

Spurred on by abuses and scandals in the nonprofit world, Congress convened hearings and then issued a white paper on revisions to the laws. The recommendations are currently in draft form. Iowa Senator Grassley's staff is heading the committee to draft ideas for reforms.

Here are a few of the recommendations currently under discussion.

  • Require nonprofits have their status reviewed every five years.
  • Increase information provided on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 990 form about performance measures and activities to meet the goals.
  • Required signatures of CEO, with perjury penalties attached.
  • Release of the "Unrelated Business Income Tax" (UBIT) to the public.
  • Sliding fee to submit tax forms, including late fees.
  • Revoke nonprofit status for organizations serving as tax shelters.

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New Books in the Bookstore

Volunteer Today has three new books to add to your library.

First, MBA Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Episodic Volunteering: Organizing and Managing Short-Term Volunteers, by Nancy Macduff. This 90-page book covers the basics of integrating short-term volunteer opportunities and people into the existing program. It begins by placing the episodic volunteer position in the context of the larger program and moves on to assessing the need, writing position descriptions, all the way to reward and recognition. The book is filled with charts, self-assessment tools, and forms suitable for copying.

For international volunteering information, we now offer two books, published by Civil Society Press: Al Tatawae: Volunteering in the Arab World, authored by Dr. Lobna M. Abdelmagid and Mr. Izzat Abdul-Hadi, and isto da samba, Corporate Volunteerism: The Brazilian Way, authored by Monica Beatriz Galiano & Barnabe Medeiros Filho.

Visit our online bookstore for more information and to buy Nancy Macduff's newest book: Episodic Volunteering: Organizing and Managing Short-Term Volunteers. Also check out our new books on international volunteering: Al Tatawae: Volunteering in the Arab World, by Dr. Lobna M. Abdelmagid and Mr. Izzat Abdul-Hadi, and isto da samba, Corporate Volunteerism: The Brazilian Way, by Monica Beatriz Galiano & Barnabe Medeiros Filho.
Order Episodic Volunteering Book Order Volunteering in the Arab World Book Order Corporate Volunteerism the Brazilian Way Book

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About.com - Nonprofits

About.com was founded in 1997 with a simple premise, that people are the best Guides to the Internet. When you read an article on About.com, you are tapping into a powerful network of 475 Guides. Guides have written books, appeared on national television and won many awards in their field.

About.com has a site especially for nonprofit and voluntary programs. You can reach it at: http://nonprofit.about.com. A recent article on e-campaigns to raise money is what caught our attention. But there is more: how to start a nonprofit, the latest news, and how to raise money.

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Add Your Remembrances-A Volunteerism Time Line

Our anniversary celebration brought out recollection of times passed! So we have been working on a time line. We thought you might like to see a history of important world events displayed next to the highlights in the world of volunteerism, since 1983. The world events and the history of volunteerism are all there, but we have added important dates in the life of Macduff/Bunt Associates and its publishing arm, MBA Publishing.

And we are inviting your participation. We want our readers to write remembrances of their life in volunteerism. We will post them on the time line, which will become a permanent part of Volunteer Today. So, take a few moments to look at the time line and add your special contributions by emailing us at: editor@volunteertoday.com.

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