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Celebrating 21 Years of Serving Manager of Volunteers
~ December 2004 ~ Topics

Do You Remember the Years 1983 to 2004?

1983 TO 2004:

  • 1983 First issue of Volunteer Today is published. Sally K. Ride is first woman astronaut in space.
  • 1984 Prime Minister of India, Indira Ganghi, assassinated.
  • 1985 Coca-Cola attempts to change its 99 year old formula to attract younger drinkers.
  • 1986 US Supreme Court reaffirms abortion rights.
  • 1987 Prime Minister Thatcher wins a rare 3rd term in Britain.
  • 1988 Ted Turner starts Turner Network Television (TNT) and buys MGM's film library.
  • 1989 Comedienne Lucille Ball dies at age 87.
  • 1990 Hubble Space Telescope is launched.
  • 1991 Warsaw Pact is dissolved.
  • 1992 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed.
  • 1993 Ruth Bader Ginsburg appointed to US Supreme Court.
  • 1994 Steven Spielberg wins his first directing Oscar for "Schindler’s List."
  • 1995 New York Metropolitan Opera installs screens on audience seats that display captions.
  • 1996 Jazz great Ella Fitzgerald dies.
  • 1997 Swiss plan 1st payment to Holocaust victims.
  • 1998 Europeans agree on single currency, the EURO.
  • 1999 Chicago Tribune film critic Gene Siskel dies at 53.
  • 2000 Charles Schulz, creator of the "Peanut" comic strip dies.
  • 2001 Jim Jeffords changes from Republican to Independent creating a new balance in the US Senate – 50 Democrats, 49 Republicans, 1 Independent.
  • 2002 Pennsylvania miners rescued after 77 hours in a dark, flooded mine shaft.
  • 2003 Paul Martin is new Canadian Prime Minister.
  • 2004 Volunteer Today completes twenty-one(21) years of publication.

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    2. Slide Shows on a Shoe String, by Nancy Macduff
    3. An Introduction to Helping Adults Learn and Change, by Russell D. Robinson
  • Bundle #8: $56.00
    1. Episodic Volunteering: Organizing and Managing the Short-Term Volunteer
    2. Designing Programs for the Volunteer Sector
    3. Volunteer Recruiting and Retention

    All of the above authored by Nancy Macduff

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Creating & Coping with Change

Do we as Directors of Volunteers, as managers of people and programs realize the impact of change on our organizations? Are we mostly reactive to change or do we make an effort to be proactive and anticipate change? If we are to be innovators in our field, we must anticipate change, maybe even create it. Often what appears to be "smooth sailing" is merely a reflection of no growth. Peter Drucker, reputed author of management, states, "The best way to predict the future is to create it!" We can build into our programs the capacity and mechanisms to anticipate change so that we can shift to meet the ever-changing environment.

How to do that?

  1. Involve staff, volunteers and clients in setting specific annual goals.
  2. Evaluate goals at least quarterly.
  3. Have "planned innovation" sessions where staff, volunteers, and clients can freely brainstorm about who your customers are, what needs you can fulfill in your market place and what is unique about your services.

Tom Peters, in Thriving on Chaos states, "No skill is more important than the corporate capacity to change. The company's most urgent task, then, is to learn to welcome – beg for, demand – innovation from everyone. Encourage pilots (programs) of everything!"

Examine everything you do regarding your volunteer program (i.e. training, recruitment, marketing, recognition, etc.) Do they all accurately reflect the needs of today's volunteers and society?

In many agencies, the volunteer programs become (or should become) the "change agent" and ultimately initiate organizational change solely because they are the "windows" to the community. We need to recognize the importance of constant change through innovation and how much of that responsibility for our organization rests with us.

Sue Waechter is a trainer, consultant, and former manager of volunteer programs. This article was first published in the June 1989 issue of Volunteer Today. And is still applicable today. You can reach her at: sue@cornerstoneconsultingassociates.com.

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Final 21st Anniversary Page

This will be the final “21st Anniversary Page.” Many thanks go to our readers who have made suggestions to improve this publication. We thank you all for your attention, comments, contributions, and suggestions. We look forward to at least another 21 years !!!!!!


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