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~ March 2003 Topics~

Dear Connie:

What are the pros and cons of setting a monetary goal for, say, an annual campaign? I’m also thinking about setting a goal for the number of participants in the library’s summer reading program.

MW, County Public Library & Information Center


Dear MW:

Yes, you will want to set annual goals for fundraising, residents/children served, new volunteers recruited, new mentors trained, etc. This is the planning piece that I personally think is so important and that too many people ignore. I encourage you to set achievable, specific goals every year for different elements of your volunteer program. The goals should require you and volunteers to stretch, but not be impossible to achieve.

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Dear Connie:

I am looking for volunteer work in Southeastern Connecticut preferably the New London/Groton areas. Could you provide a list and contact information of nonprofit agencies in those areas?



Dear Tyrone:

There are several options for locating volunteer opportunities in your area:

1. The Connecticut Association of Nonprofits offers a complete list of its member nonprofit agencies.

2. Contact the Volunteer Center in the region where you're interested in volunteering. To identify Centers in Connecticut, visit the Points of Light Foundation site. On the upper left-hand side of the home page you'll see the search box to find a Volunteer Center by state.

3. Volunteer Match is the best single site to search for volunteer opportunities by location and your area of interest.

4. The Volunteer Today web site has identified a variety of national and international organizations that utilize volunteers. Just click on "Internet Resources" and then on "Volunteer Opportunities."

5. Use the Google search engine on the home page of Volunteer Today to search the web for organizations of interest to you, such as "boys and girls clubs + Connecticut" or "big brother big sister + Connecticut" or "orchestras + Connecticut." You get the idea.

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Dear Connie:

I have just taken on the job of coordinating a teen volunteer program in a museum setting. What resources on teen volunteers are available to me? Who is doing research on youth volunteers? Are there any online discussion groups for teen volunteer program leaders?

Staying Young in Colorado


Dear Staying Young:

You pose some excellent questions for someone starting a new job! I suggest you visit Independent Sector and ARNOVA to look for research. I know that I.S. has a printed booklet on youth volunteers, and it may be available online.

I just did a quick Google search for "teen volunteers" and found some VERY interesting sites for you to explore. For example, a volunteer center in North Carolina (www.thevolunteercenter.org/yva.html) has an entire section devoted to youth volunteers where you'll find:

  • Why teens should volunteer.
  • What to do if you don't have much time to volunteer.
  • Examples of volunteer opportunities for teens.
  • Summer volunteer programs for teens.
  • Links for teen volunteers to find out more about volunteerism and service.

Also, I suggest you do a Google search on the Volunteer Today website. You’ll find a good article on how to do it that was posted in February by the Tech Guru on that site. You can find the article at http://www.volunteertoday.com/Feb03techtips.html.

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