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Are you constantly typing up and mailing directions to your volunteers? Here is a quick tip to shorten the process.

  1. Visit Map Quest at http://www.mapquest.com.
  2. Enter your main office address and click on Driving Directions.
  3. Enter the address of the site you want to send your volunteers.
  4. Click on Get Directions.
  5. Adjust the Map to the appropriate size.
  6. Print it out and send it to your volunteers.

Want to really get fancy? Recruit a few volunteers to customize these maps for specific regions where your volunteers live. Save each as a separate file on your computer and then email or snail mail the appropriate map to your volunteer.

Want to get even more fancy? Visit the Maps Solutions link and discover how you can add maps to your website. Then your volunteers can visit and download the map they need. Also, if you have multiple locations, provide your volunteers with the address of each location and they can create their own directions.

Did you follow all that? I hope you didn't get lost!

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Printing on Both Sides of Your Document

Ok. Admit it. You never knew you could print on both sides of your document, did you? The real question is - can your printer really do this. Most of the newer printers provide an option to print on both sides of your document. The way this works is for you to choose the dual sided printing option and print the document. It will print all the Odd pages first. Then, you invert your document and print the even pages. Your printer software will guide you through the steps.

In Word choose PRINT / PROPERTIES / FEATURES / BOOK and then Print. Follow the directions that follow.

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Quick Tip: Wash Your Windows and Polish Your Apple

The New Year is here and soon you will be hearing about all the new software programs for your computer. How long have you had your current programs? Have you updated them recently? Have you looked for updated drivers for your hardware? Note, I said UPDATE and not UPGRADE. Updates are usually free while upgrades cost a bundle.

To have your Windows programs scanned for recommended updates visit this site:

For Apple and Macintosh Computers visit this site:

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Hey Techies and Technophobes!

We want to hear from you. Are these tips helping? Got a tip your dying to share? How are you using Technology to help your volunteer program? Drop me a note at Michael@MichaelStills.com. I will print out the best tips to share with our readers.

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