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~ February 2003~Topics

Tips to Add Security to Your Files: Protect Them with Passwords

Do you keep your files on a shared network? Is your computer used by others? If so you may be concerned about others accessing and changing your documents. If you would like to add a level of security to your documents try these ideas in MS Word:

  1. Go to FILE / SAVE AS
  2. Click on TOOLS on the far right of the Save As window.
  3. Scroll down to GENERAL OPTIONS and click to open.
  4. In the bottom of this window are two options.
    1. Password to Open. This prevents anyone from opening the document without you providing him or her with the password.
    2. Password to Modify. This allows the user to open and read the document but they cannot change anything without a password.

If you loose or forget your password you are out of luck. Please write down and keep any passwords in a secure location. You can change these passwords as needed.

Going Google Searching Again?

Do you Google? As mentioned in the August 2002 Tech Tips, I like Google (http://www.google.com/) as a web search engine. You can add a tool bar to you browser and take advantage of some interesting features.

Have you ever searched for something only to be sent to a seemingly useful site only to find that the page contains nothing of relevance? With the Search Site feature you can enter your search word(s), click on Search Site and Google will search the all the web pages associated with the domain you are visiting. Thus, if you were to go to http://www.volunteertoday.com and enter "Recognition" as a Search Site word; Google will return a list of all the web pages on http://www.volunteertoday.com that contain the word "Recognition." Try it. I am sure you will get googlely over this tip.

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Quick Tip: Got Time?

Have you ever needed an accurate time check? Visit this site:

The Official US Time: http://www.time.gov/

Explore the site and learn more about time such as what is Daylight Savings and why we use it.

Hey Techies and Technophobes - Where are you?

We still have not heard enough from you. Are these tips helping? Got a tip your dying to share? How are you using Technology to help your volunteer program? Drop me a note at Michael@MichaelStills.com. I will print out the best tips to share with our readers.

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