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  • Getting Old Ain't So Bad
  • California Grants Site
  • Australian Links

Getting Old Ain't So Bad

Yale University recently completed a long-term study of those 50 years of age and older, to discover that having a good attitude about aging adds years to your life. People who strongly disagree with the statements, "As you age, you are less useful," or "Things keep getting worse as I get older," outlasted their more negative peers by a whopping 7 1/2 years. And this happened even when the researcher accounted for age, sex, income, loneliness, and physical ability.

California Grants Site

The Governor's Office for Innovation in Government in California has created a Web site, "Get Grants," for nonprofit organizations to use in searching for state grant programs.

Australian Links

Andy Fryar, a regular VT reader from Australia alerted us to a new group for volunteer professionals in the Asia Pacific area. To sign up for this newsgroup go to Thanks for the tip, Andy.

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