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~ November 2002 ~ Topics

Train Your Peers

The Association for Volunteer Administration will hold its International Conference on Volunteer Administration in Cincinnati, OH, October 15-18, 2003. They are currently seeking proposal for workshops and seminars at that event. If you are interested in training your peers this is the opportunity. Information on submitting proposals can be found at the AVA Web site. The proposals are due December 13, 2002.

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Journal of Volunteer Administration: New Leadership

The Journal of Volunteer Administration (JOVA), a publication of the Association for Volunteer Administration (AVA) has new leadership and a refreshing new look. Mary Merrill, the new editor has produced a practical international journal of excellent quality for practitioners and scholars. The most recent issue has practical articles on such things as the future role of senior volunteers; changes in the demographics of who is volunteering; and a wonderful piece on applying the principles of Zen Buddhism to volunteer management.

Merrill and an active editorial board, with the support of the Board of Directors, through Vice-President Anthea Hoare, are planning several issues ahead to meet the needs of volunteer program managers in large programs and small throughout the world.

To highlight the move to a move toward a more international focus this issue has reports on volunteer management in Korea and Armenia. In addition, Robert Leigh, Chief of United Nations Volunteer office in North American penned an article on Volunteer Action by Older Persons and translated it into two languages other than English. AVA is moving to be a truly international body for volunteer managers.

Those volunteer program managers who want to enhance their professional development would do well to join AVA, pay the fee for the journal and learn from folks around the world! You can visit the AVA Web site for membership information or the JOVA information pages to learn about subscriptions.


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Volunteer Mileage Deduction

The United States House of Representatives and Senate have bills working through the system that would increase the deduction volunteers can take for the use of their automobile while volunteering. Senator Russell Feingold, Wisconsin introduced S.2761 and Representative Todd Platts, Pennsylvania, introduced H.R. 5229. The bills would change the current deduction from $.14 per mile to $.36.5 per mile. Have you called your senator or representative lately?

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More Online and More Audits

Beginning in January 2004, nonprofit organizations in the US will be able to file their federal tax returns electronically. The agency has also stated its intent to audit more charities than in the past. In 2001 5,342 organizations or 1% of all charities were audited by the IRS. This does not mean they are hiring more staff, but working smarter. The tax people have announced the intent to look at specific parts of all submitted returns, and will focus, for example, next year on the way executive salaries are set, fund raising costs, and how donated vehicles are handled.

The IRS Form 1023, which is the application for tax exempt status should be online in the next six months. For more information

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