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~ April 2002 ~ Topics
  • Short Cut Commands for Windows
  • The Independent Sector website

"Mistakes are the portals of discovery."
James Joyce

This quote comes to my mind whenever I do something stupid! It always makes me feel so good!Although technology has made our lives easier, we often make many mistakes while we learn. This month we will discover some short cuts for Windows functions. We will also continue our visits to websites with information for volunteer service managers. Remember, if we make mistakes along the way, we will also make discoveries!

Some Quick Tips for Window Users

 How to Cancel the Printer
 You hit the print button, changed your mind, and yelled, "Stop! Stop! Stop!" Only to discover your computer does not respond to voice commands! Here's how to cancel the printer:
1. Select Start, then Control Panel, and then Printers
2. Double-click your printer's icon. You will see a list of current print jobs. Right-click the job you want to cancel. Select Cancel Printing.

 How to Get Straight to Your Desktop
 You have a number of windows open and you want to go straight to your desktop. You don't have to close each window one by one. Simply press the Windows key (This is the one with the flag.) on your keyboard and the key with the letter M.

 How to Print Just a Portion of a Webpage
You see one piece of information on a website, but do not want to print the whole page. To print just a portion of the page, hold the left button of the mouse down and drag it over the portion you want printed. This selects the portion of the page that will be printed. Then from the browser menu, click File, then Print, and then click on Selection.

The Independent Sector; On Our Side

What is the value of volunteer time? For 2001, the value of a volunteer's time is $16.05. For Volunteer Services Managers, this is an important statistic. However, how many of us know the source for this figure?

It is the Independent Sector ( Founded in 1980, the Independent Sector is a coalition of nonprofits, foundations and corporations strengthening not-for-profits initiatives, philanthropy and citizen action. I invite you to visit this valuable source.

The Volunteer and Giving page ( contains the much quoted "Report on Giving & Volunteering." The Issues ( page focuses on a number of key issues facing the nonprofit and philanthropic community. You will find information on accountability, tax policy, and corporate-nonprofit partnerships, to name a few.

Speaking of Absolute Individualism Being an Absurdity...

What would you as a ready like to see in the Tech Tips column? As an individual columnist, I can come up with topics, but I would much rather glean ideas from the Volunteer Today community.

Therefore, if there is a technology subject, issue, or topic that you would like to see covered in Tech Tips, share it with me today. You can email me at

Georgean C. Johnson-Coffey

Georgean is a trainer and consultant in the areas of nonprofit management and volunteer involvement. She holds a Master's degree in Education/Staff Training and Development and a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Indiana University.

Georgean is an Adjunct Faculty member of Ivy Tech State College with the Business and Industry Training Department. Her articles have been published in the Florida Libraries Journal and The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances.

Georgean conducts national and regional workshops on Train-the-Trainer, Customer Service, Conflict Management, Staff/ Volunteer Relations, Fundamentals of Volunteer Management, Family Volunteering, Trends in Volunteerism, and other aspects of Volunteer Management.

Georgean is immediate Past Chairperson of the National Government Volunteer Coordinator Advisory Committee for the Points of Light Foundation in Washington, DC. She is Past Chairperson and Founding Officer of Northeast Indiana Association of Volunteer Administration, a professional membership organization representing 60 nonprofit/voluntary organizations. She is a member of the Association for Volunteer Administration, the Points of Light Foundation, and the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action.

Prior to starting her training and consulting company she served for several years as the Manager of Volunteer Services in healthcare, library, and social service organizations, leading programs of 500 volunteers.

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