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~May 2001~
  • Volunteering in Japan and the US
  • Four Steps to "Hiring" A Volunteer
  • Culture and Online Behavior

Volunteering in Japan and the US


The motivation to volunteer differs from culture to culture. The Japanese Economic Planning Agency recently completed a study comparing stated reasons for volunteering by Japanese and US volunteers.

Taken from a report in the Osaka Voluntary Action Center Newsletter

Four Steps to "Hiring" A Volunteer

Recruiting volunteers is a marketing function. The organization is asking the volunteer to use his or her leisure time to "purchase" a volunteer opportunity. Put in this context, it means the volunteer manager is best served by "selling" that position to a likely buyer.

This means knowing who is currently "buying" the volunteer position and what appeals to them, identifying and targeting potential new markets that are attracted to the organization and/or its mission. It is developing strategies to attract the right people. In an age of electronic recruiting it is critical to put your best foot forward. Here are four steps to help you get a jump on your competitors.

 Step 1 - Attracting volunteers:


 Step 2 - Sifting for the right volunteer:


 Step 3 - Immediate contact with the potential volunteer:


 Step 4 - Sign up the volunteer:


Culture and Online Behavior

The Cultural Access Group, a marketing, research, and consulting firm from Los Altos, CA reported recently on research on the behavioral differences of certain ethnic groups, related to the Internet. All users, regardless of race or ethnicity, find the Internet to be a positive addition and make their life easier. African-American's, however, are far more skeptical about its overall benefit to society. On the other hand, Hispanics/Latinos are more optimistic about its value than the general population.

Hispanics and African-Americans say the Internet helps keep them connected to their own ethnic community.

Internet users with three years experience or more

Internet users with less than three years experience


Research Done Online

Purchases Online
 African-American  62%  43%
 Hispanic/Latino  65%  42%
 General Market  78%  75%


Research Done Online

Purchases Online
 African-American  46%  19%
 Hispanic/Latino  55%  26%
 General Market  60%  50%

This mistrust of the Internet requires delicacy when creating online recruiting sites. Cultural differences can impede the success of an online recruiting effort, if care is not taken.

For more details on this report or to download a copy visit the Cultural Access Group Web site - http://www.accesscag.com

From American Demographics, April 2001, "True Colors," pg. 14


The Points of Light Foundation has forms available to nominate volunteers and volunteer organizations for the Daily Points of Light Award. It is designed recognize individuals and groups that demonstrate unique and innovative approaches to community volunteering and citizen action, with a strong emphasis on service focused on the goals for children and young people set by the Presidents Summit for American's Future.

The award is given five days a week, excluding holidays. If you would like nomination forms, contact Crystal Hill at 202-729-8000.


By calling 1-800-VOLUNTEER in the U.S., individuals can be connected to their local volunteer center.

This is a national interactive call routing system designed to get volunteers connected to people who can help them volunteer.

Copyright 2001 by Nancy Macduff.

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