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~ July 2001 ~
  • Trends in Technology Poll
  • Do You Delegate?
  • How Big is the Nonprofit Sector Around the World?
  • Conference on Volunteer Administration To Convene in Toronto, Canada

Trends in Technology Poll

In the June 2001 Issue of VT, there was an article about "Trends in Technology That Impact Volunteer Programs". At the end of the article we asked you to send us your observations about the impact of technology on your volunteer program. The response was not much, so the webmaster thought of an easier way for you to respond. She created a poll with one question so that you can see instant results. If you do have other comments please send an email to our Web Master at lbunt@bmi.net. In your subject line type "tech observations" to help the Web Master filter the email. Enjoy the poll!

Technology Poll

How much has technology impacted your volunteer program?

a large amount
a moderate amount
none at all

Current Results

Do You Delegate?

The most effective leaders are those who are good at delegating. Delegates free time for other tasks and it develops skills of volunteers. When should you delegate? Here are some tips to help you decide.

  1. Is there a volunteer with the skill, time, and interest to complete the task? If yes, then delegate.
  2. Are your personal skills or expertise required of accomplishing the task? If no, then delegate.
  3. Is the task one where, if done badly, it will ruin your reputation or the image of your organization? If no, then delegate.
  4. Do you have time to complete the task adequately? Did you say no, then delegate.
  5. Would a volunteer gain skill and ability by doing this task, while you coach? If yes, then delegate.
  6. Does this task require your personal and "up close" supervision? If no, then delegate.

How Big is the Nonprofit Sector Around the World?

Ever have a day where you think you are alone in the world? Take heart, working with volunteers is a global universal. The chart below only provides employment figures for the nonprofit sector. It does not include the thousand of folks who work in government based volunteer programs or corporate volunteer programs.

Nonprofit Sector Employment as a Percent of total Nonprofit nonagricultural Employment

 Country   %
 Netherlands 12.6
 Ireland 11.54
 Belgium 10.48
 Israel  9.21
 U.S  7.83
 Australia 7.24
 U.K. 6.20
 Germany 4.93
France  4.90
 Spain  4.92
 Austria  4.46
 Argentina  3.70
 Japan  3.50
 Finland  2.96
 Peru 2.50
 Colombia 2.38
 Brazil  2.25
 Czech Republic 1.75
 Hungary 1.33
 Slovakia .87
 Romania .60
 Mexico  .44

Source: Global Civil Society: Dimensions of the Nonprofit Sector, 1999, Lester Salamon and Helmut Anheier, Johns Hopkins University, Center for Civil Society Studies, Baltimore, MD.

Conference on Volunteer Administration To Convene in Toronto, Canada
Workshops, Speakers Appeal to New and Experienced Volunteer Administrators

The international Association for Volunteer Administration will hold its annual conference, Oct. 3-6 at the downtown Sheraton Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Based on the theme "Mosaic 2001," the conference will offer a variety of speakers, workshops and networking opportunities with particular focus on diversity, technology, partnership and professionalism. Highlights of the conference include:

There will be a discount on the conference registration fee through Aug. 24. To request a registration booklet, call 804.346.2266, write to AVA at avaintl@mindspring.com or P.O. Box 32092, Richmond, VA 23294 USA. Visit http://www.avaintl.org for information.


Washington State University offers a Volunteer Management Certification Program through the Internet. Individuals around the world can earn a certificate in managing or coordinating volunteers, without leaving home.

For more information, visit Volunteer Today's Portal site, Internet Resources. Look for the Washington State University listing. There is a hot link to their Web site.


The National Association of Volunteer Programs in Local Government (NAVPLG) is an association of administrators, coordinators and directors of volunteer programs in local government. Its purpose is to strengthen volunteer programs in local government through leadership, advocacy, networking and information exchange. NAAVPLG is an affiliate of the National Association of Counties and is seeking affiliate status with the National League of Cities.

Cost is $20 for individuals and $75 for group local government membership. An affiliate membership is $25 and is intended for those who are not local government members but may have an interest in the group. There is a quarterly newsletter, national network, and access to NACo's Volunteerism Project.

For more information contact Glenis Chapin, who is a member of the Executive Committee. She can be reached by phone at 503-588-7990. Be sure to mention you read about this in Volunteer Today.

Copyright 2001 by Nancy Macduff.

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