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~ August 2001 ~
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Is it Inspiration, Perspiration, or Expertise?

Training sessions have different purposes. When you are preparing to train the first step should be to analyze which of these three types of training you might be doing. By taking the time to analyze, it is easier to select the correct training techniques, guest speaker, or audio-visual supports.

Inspiration: Inspiration, is moving the intellect, emotions, or prompting action. Jesse Jackson, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Caesar Chavez were inspirational. They spoke and people were moved in some way. This can happen on a smaller scale, in training. Suppose you are trying to educate a community service club about the type of service your organization provides, this is the time to organizetraining for inspiration. Give the group a quiz where they test their knowledge against the fact. Give the answers with illustrations and heart-felt stories about your clients or customers. You could do that with a slide show or short video. The group leaves with intellectual stimulation and an emotional connection to your client or member.

Perspiration: Some training is just plain hard work. It is memorizing all the locations in a hospital, to which a visitor might go. For a docent in a museum it is being prepared for any questions about any piece of art. For a cashier at an auction it is memorizing the process to take in money and get the item to the rightful owner. The list is endless. This training needs to be factual and directly related to the volunteer's duties. Adults are happy to learn things if they know they will use it immediately. Memorizing the history of the organization is probably not one of them, but being able to make correct change is.

Expertise: This is the type of training that means the volunteer must be able to do something, much as an expert does things. It is delivering hot meals to shut-ins in a timely way, grooming or walking pets at an animal shelter, leading a youth club or troop, teaching a child to read, providing meals to street people, or serving effectively on a board or committee. It requires practice during training, so the volunteer can get it right. It might even require a mentor for some time.

Leading a Meeting

Leading a meeting is more than just whipping through the agenda. Here are the three things a leader does to be effective.

Provide for the organizational needs:

Provide for the task needs of the group:

Provide for the interpersonal needs of the group:

"Volunteer Ottawa"


Throughout the month of JULY, Ottawa LCBO outlets will dedicate the proceeds of their check-out coin boxes to "Volunteer Ottawa".

Volunteer Ottawa recruits volunteers for hundreds of local agencies. Volunteer Ottawa also provides resources and training for local managers of volunteer resources programs, and advocates on behalf of community organizations and their volunteers when issues arise that could affect them. Volunteer Ottawa, a member agency of the United Way, is committed to building the capacity of our community through strong leadership and quality services.

Please, throughout the month of July, give generously when you are "stocking up" for the cottage or the patio. And remember - don't drink and drive!

Toutes les succursales de la Commission des liqueurs (LCBO) d'Ottawa désigneront à "Bénévoles Ottawa" l'ensemble des dons amassés dans ses boîtes de dons aux caisses tout au long du mois de juillet.

Bénévoles Ottawa recrute des bénévoles pour plus de 350 organisations communautaires de la région. Bénévoles Ottawa offre aussi toute une gamme de ressources et de la formation aux gestionnaires de services bénévoles. Bénévoles Ottawa, un organisme membre de Centraide se consacre à renforcer le secteur bénévole en réunissant des gens, des groupes et le monde des affaires afin de répondre aux besoins de la communauté.

Nous vous encourageons, lors de vos achats du mois de juillet, d'encourager Bénévoles Ottawa et les centaines de groupes communautaires qu'il chapeaute en donnant généreusement. Surtout n'oubliez pas - l'acool au volant n'est pas une combinaison gagnante!!! Soyez prudent!


Nathalie Charette
Manager - Educational Programs and Services / Gestionnaire - programmes et
services éducatifs
Volunteer Ottawa / Bénévoles Ottawa
suite 402, boul. 2197 Riverside Drive, Ottawa ON K1H 7X3
no. de téléphone / phone number : 613-736-5266 extension/poste 229
no. de télécopieur / fax number : 613-736-5262

We wish you a Happy International Year of Volunteers 2001!
Célébrons ensemble 2001 - l'Année internationale des volontaires!


Close to 200 colleges and universities offer academic programs on nonprofit and volunteer sector management. They are usually master's degree programs, but not always. American Humanics sponsors undergraduate programs, as well. If you are looking to push out the professional development window, consider taking a course at one of these colleges. A full list resides at http://pirate.shu.edu/~mirabero. Thank Roseanne Mirabella, of Seton Hall University for keeping up with this list.

Copyright 2001 by Nancy Macduff.
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