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~ August 2001 ~
  • How Popular is Your Web Site?
  • Coyote Communications: Technology Information for Mission-Based Organizations
  • Multnomah County Public Library Volunteer Services

Since we have no choice but to be swept along by [this] vast technological surge, we might as well learn to surf.
-Michael Soule

It is our hope that Tech Tips helps you learn to surf this technological surge which surrounds us. This month we will look at a resource web site that tells you just how popular you are! We will visit a site that is designed for nonprofits and gives great technology information. And, as always, we will look at a volunteer department web site, this time one from a public library. Surf away -- and don't forget your sunscreen!

How Popular is Your Web Site?

Ever wonder how many web sites contain a link to your site? Here is a great tool that allows you, easily and comprehensively, to find out.

It's called LinkPopularity.com, http://www.linkpopularity.com and it simultaneously checks for links in the search engines AltaVista, Google, and HotBot. Just enter the URL, hit "Tell Me My Popularity." You will receive a list of sites that have a link to your web site.

Coyote Communications: Technology Information for Mission-Based Organizations

Jayne Cravens, an early technology leader and Web expert, launched the Coyote Communications Web site http://www.coyotecom.com on January 4, 1996. It is one of the best resources and services for not-for-profit companies and other community-serving agencies.

The site has a plethora of technology information including Database and Software Tip Sheets:

* Internet Outreach and Use for Not-for-Profit & Public Sector Organizations

* Community Relations, With and Without Technology

* Web Development and Maintenance for Not-for-Profit & Public Sector Organizations (Including Schools)

Very much in tune to the needs of everyone online, the Coyote Communications web site is designed to be quick to download and accessible by most Internet users, regardless of browser type, system software, computer, or connection speed.

Multnomah County Public Library Volunteer Services

Each year, approximately 1,000 valuable community volunteers apply their skills and talents with Multnomah County Public Library http://www.multnomah.lib.or.us/lib/vol/index.html. The department's main page has helpful hot links to other informative pages, which include:

Volunteer Coordinator, Sami Scripter, has many technology positions available. One is the Web Calendar Assistant for people who know basic HTML coding to help keep the library's Community Calendar up to date. Web Calendar Assistants can work from home via the Internet.

Opportunities for Spanish speaking volunteers -- Posiciones de voluntariados para personas que hablan español -- are in Spanish!

The Multnomah County Public Library has many opportunities for volunteers. Go see for yourself!

Georgean C. Johnson-Coffey

Georgean is a trainer and consultant in the areas of nonprofit management and volunteer involvement. She holds a Master's degree in Education/Staff Training and Development and a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Indiana University.

Georgean is an Adjunct Faculty member of Ivy Tech State College with the Business and Industry Training Department. Her articles have been published in the Florida Libraries Journal and The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances.

Georgean conducts national and regional workshops on Train-the-Trainer, Customer Service, Conflict Management, Staff/ Volunteer Relations, Fundamentals of Volunteer Management, Family Volunteering, Trends in Volunteerism, and other aspects of Volunteer Management.

Georgean is immediate Past Chairperson of the National Government Volunteer Coordinator Advisory Committee for the Points of Light Foundation in Washington, DC. She is Past Chairperson and Founding Officer of Northeast Indiana Association of Volunteer Administration, a professional membership organization representing 60 nonprofit/voluntary organizations. She is a member of the Association for Volunteer Administration, the Points of Light Foundation, and the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action.

Prior to starting her training and consulting company she served for several years as the Manager of Volunteer Services in healthcare, library, and social service organizations, leading programs of 500 volunteers.

Georgean C. Johnson-Coffey, M. Ed.
Blue Vision Training
P.O. Box 15118
Fort Wayne, IN 46885-5118
Phone: (219)-485-9081
Fax: (219)-485-5847

E-mail: georgeanjc@aol.com

URL: http://www.bluevisiontraining.com

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