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The Value of the Volunteer Administrator

The Ontario Association for Volunteer Administration studied the impact of the absence of an administrator of volunteers in nonprofit organizations during 1998. The results of this study showed that the lack of an administrator resulted in: a decreased capacity of the organization in the ability for volunteers to serve clients; protect clients and the organization from risk; raise funds, plan and be prepared, generate community awareness, develop partnerships, and promote voluntary action.

A volunteer administrator has the capacity to enhance internal relationships, unifying volunteers, staff, and clients, according to this study. In addition they are a link to the community. The study stated the volunteer administrator is critical to organizational synergy.

The study showed that when volunteer manage functions were fragmented the staff was stressed, overburdened, and working longer hours. All this impacted quality and level of service to clients or members.

Mary Merrill altered the field to this study on Cybervpm. She has an article on her Web site, http://www.merrillassoc.com, "Ten Reasons for Engaging a Volunteer Administrator" that is based on this study.

You can receive copies of the survey and report from Professional Administrators of Volunteer Resources ­ Ontario
71 Underhill Dr. Unit 195
Don Mills, ONT M3A 2J8

Where Does the Money Come From?

The Urban Institute's National Center for Charitable Statistics analyzed 1998 tax returns to find states average itemized charitable deduction. The most generous state was Mississippi with people averaging contributions of $4,070. This despite the fact that Mississippi ranked 49th in average income. The ten most generous states were in the Southern Bible Belt, plus the Dakotas and Utah.

Massachusetts ranks last in giving with $2,645 per person. This was despite the fact that Massachusetts is 4th in average personal income of the fifty states. The New England states were clustered at the bottom of donors, joined by Minnesota, New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Maryland.

International Association for Volunteer Effort

In 1970 a small group of women began the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) to create an exchange of information, best practices and mutual support as a way of encouraging and strengthening volunteering worldwide.

IAVE is currently the only international membership organization that exists solely to promote and support more effective service by all people. It is a means for volunteer leaders to demonstrate their solidarity with the growing worldwide volunteer movement.

The organization is playing a major leadership role in the United Nations International Year of the Volunteer 2001. IAVE will host its annual world conference January 14-18, 2001 in Amsterdam. It also provides support to national volunteer centers, and is committed to involving youth.

Membership for IAVE is $30 for an individual per year. This brings a newsletter three times per year, and a member directory. Newsletters are translated into English, Spanish, Japanese, and French.

For more information contact Kathi Dennis at iave@pointsoflight.org or call 202-729-8103.

New Page with Tech Tips

Georgean Johnson-Coffey, of Fort Wayne, Indiana joins the team of writers for Volunteer Today with this issue of our electronic gazette. Georgean's Tech Tips will be a monthly feature. You can learn about a variety of technical and electronic means for working with volunteers. It is by no means limited to the computer. Some volunteer programs are providing on-call volunteers with cell phones. Imagine the policy implication of that!

Georgean has over 20 years experience in the field of volunteer management in social service, healthcare, and government settings. She is currently the software trainer for Red Ridge Software, creator of "Volunteer Works." George has a thriving business as a trainer and consultant in the field of nonprofit and volunteer management and administration. Be sure to visit this new page.

Re-bookmark your Portal Page

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Volunteer Today Bookstore Accepts American Express

A note of interest to all VolunteerToday visitors. The Volunteer Today Bookstore is now accepting American Express Credit Cards via the telephone or snail mail. We were recently approved and are happy to provide this service. Visit our Bookstore and order some books in a new way.

The Electronic Journal of the Volunteer Community

Susan Ellis and Steve McCurley have launched an online journal that began October 1, 2000. It is designed to combine the best of a printed professional journal with the full potential of Internet technology. The new publication is aimed at volunteer leaders/managers who want to challenge themselves to go beyond the ordinary in the volunteerism field. Each issue will be interactive, inviting comments and contributions from subscribers. The journal will appear quarterly and include:

The publishers are offering a "Leap of Faith" subscription rate of $25. After the first issue, the price goes to $40 per year. These are US prices. To subscribe go to http://www.e-volunteerism.com/subscribe.html. For more information direct your questions to info@energizeinc.com.

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