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Branding: Maybe Not

Most volunteer organizations in the world protect their "brand" identity with great zeal. Six organizations in the United Kingdom (UK) decided to go a different way. Blue Cross, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Oxfam, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, and Shelter have joined in a fund-raising ad for television.

The organizations are joining forces to generate legacy funds (money or property left to organizations, usually after death). The partners decided to join forces because they do not have competing donors in most cases. They also thought it would open potential new donors, split production costs, and provide good value for their investment.

According to UK statistics only 35% of people leave a will and only 13% of those who do leave wills make contributions to nonprofits. The combined ad was run for the first time less than a year ago, so no statistics are available on its impact.

Nonprofit Internships: March 15 Deadline


Yahoo, the Web search engine site, has a competition where the winners will have the opportunity to complete an internship at one of 10 nonprofit sites. Applicants are asked to describe how they would make the organization's Web site more appealing. (Deadline is March 15, 2000).

The winners will receive a $5000 stipend, orientation at Yahoo's Santa Clara, CA offices, and their internship. Some of the participating organizations include Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Red Cross, the Grand Canyon Association, and Habitat for Humanity.

For more details contact Yahoo (http://careers.yahoo.com/employment/webcorps).

Clinton Hopes to Close Digital Divide

President Bill Clinton is asking Congress to spend $2.4 billion to help poor people and minorities gain access to technology. He wants tax incentives worth $2 billion to encourage companies to donate computers to schools, libraries, and computer technology centers. They would receive generous tax breaks for donation of products.
In addition he is asking for $45 million for the Department of Commerce's Technology Opportunity Program. This awards grants to nonprofit organizations and state and local government to integrate technology into education, health care, public safety and other projects. There is also $100 million proposed to establish up to 1000 technology centers in poor urban and rural communities.

Are You Concerned About the Future?

Some people are terrified about the future. They see it as a yawning pit of nothingness, or controlled by forces from the outside. There are other people who look ahead with wonderment. A market research firm in Australia says, based on their research, that people use words such as "upheaval," "change," "frightening," "chaotic," and "decadent" to describe their mood about the future. When asked what they would like to see happen in the future, respondents expressed a desire to "return to family values," "order," and "discipline."

The Futurist, a magazine of the World Futurists Society had a recent issue focus on the future up to the new millennium 3000. Tucked away in one article were some tips to help cope with the future.

* Develop beliefs that help you grow and take advantage of new opportunities.

* Recognize your positive inner qualities. Use them and try to develop new ones.

* Create a dream list of your ideal activities you can imagine doing in the future.

* Take an old dream and recreate it. Get concrete and specific to accomplish it.

* Build a resource file to help you achieve your dream.

* Cultivate such attributes as courage, enthusiasm, and a positive outlook.

* Recognize that change is part of the future. Work to be flexible, invite feedback, evaluate your progress, and be willing to make changes.

Send "Volunteer Today" Your Recommendations

Volunteer Today is interested in your input. Are there Web sites you find indispensable? Are there sites you would like us to review for you and others? Do you have volunteer opportunities available on line that we could list on our "Volunteer Opportunities" page? Send your ideas and recommendations to Nancy Macduff at mba@bmi.net. Be sure to give us your name and e-mail address so we can give you credit.


The Foundation Center (You can link to their site through the Volunteer Today portal page, Internet Sites You'll Love) has added a new page to their Web site. On it you can find abridged versions of some of their books on nonprofit management and foundations. There are also quizzes to test your understanding.

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