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  • Gender Discrimination in the Nonprofit Sector
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  • Church Attendance and Volunteerism
  • IAVE Conference in Amsterdam

Gender Discrimination in the Nonprofit Sector

"The Nonprofit Sector and Gender Discrimination: A Preliminary Investigation into the Glass Ceiling," by Margaret Gibelman, appears in the spring 2000 issue of Nonprofit Management and Leadership journal. It reports on an exploratory study across various sectors of nonprofit organizations. 75 nonprofit organizations located throughout United States, with 4,596 employees were surveyed. Organizations ranged from 60 employees to 200. 89% of the respondents held full time jobs with the organization.
The study reports that men are disproportionately represented in management, particularly upper-level management, and they earn more money than women at all hierarchical levels of the organization. Here are some statistics from that study.

The study showed that females were over-represented in direct-service position; 62% of females, 48% of males. There was an overrepresentation of men in upper level managerial positions 22% for males, 11% for females. Males were slightly more likely to be hired from within the organization (36%) than females (33%).

Another component of the glass ceiling for female workers is salary. Salaries for men and women with educational level from high school through a BA earned different salaries. The median annual salary for men was $27,797; for women $25,002. For men with a master's degree the median annual salary was $39,137; for women $34,000. Employees with doctorates differed as well; men $48,984; women $47,784.

Ericsson Internet Community Awards

Five nonprofit organizations will receive up to $100,000 each to develop Web based technology to meet critical needs in their communities. Judging is on innovation, feasibility, and the degree to which the project involves local residents. Nonprofit groups eligible to apply for this award includes: charitable organizations, educational, health, literary, scientific, social welfare, those proposing to influence legislation or support political parties or causes. Applications are due by July 17. For more information go to http://www.ericsson.com/erica or 305-358-9500 Ext. 2830

Church Attendance and Volunteerism

Many studies over the years have demonstrated that people volunteer because of their "religious beliefs." This is true even when they are non-church attendees. Here are some facts on religion in the US:

Who are these "un-churched?"

IAVE Conference in Amsterdam

The International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) takes place in Amersterdam, January 14- 18, 2001. It serves as the kick-off event for the International Year of the Volunteer 2001. The theme of the conference is the renewal of volunteer work. There are several rounds of workshops. Themes include:

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