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Profiling Your Community


The Census Bureau has a Web site that comes in handy if you are trying to create a community demographic or business profile. It is part of a larger site, but is stuffed with handy information. You can see demographic and business patterns, compare one area of the community to another, and so much more. Visit the site at http://tier2.census.gov/ctsl/ctsl.htm.

Women Control More $ than Thought

To the Contrary, a PBS television show focused on women, suggests that women control 51.3% of American personal wealth. A survey of 1,000 voters conducted by Celinda Lake and Linda DiVall for the program unearthed this news. Most people do not realize that woman can impact giving. Men earn more, but women are the ones who manage the money and make the critical decisions about family finances. Here are some other findings from that study. Black women are more likely to give to charity than their white counterparts.

Women are seen as influential in philanthropy. Only 24% of those surveyed thought men gave more to charity than women did.
Both men and women believe that helping to address an issue is the most compelling reason to give money. Women are more likely to identify children as a priority for their giving. Men are more likely to identify their churches. Geography makes a difference. The East showed more concern for the poor and health related issues. The South and the West focused on children and the West showed the greatest interest in church-related charities.

For more information on this visit the To the Contrary web site at http://www.pbs.org/ttc.

Proclamation for IYV2001

Gary Locke, governor of the state of Washington has issued a proclamation declaring 2001 The Year of the Volunteer. He did this because one person, Chuck Hennigan, contacted his office, provided the staff with information on IYV2001, and asked the governor to take this important step.

This symbolic support for the next year is important. If you are in a Province, county, shire, country, or city, you can do the same. We have a sample of the Washington State proclamation for viewing. It is in a gif format and might take a bit of time to download on your computer, so it is on a separate page. Thus you can visit if you wish, but not be forced to wait for the proclamation to pop up on your screen. Click here to view the Washington State Proclamation.

In addition, Susan Ellis, of Energize, Inc. has announced an initiative to highlight volunteering in organizations. It is called, "IYV2001: Look Back to Look Ahead." The idea is to look back in the history of the organization and its volunteers and share records, memories, pictures, and memorabilia. The idea is to produce something tangible for future generations.

The second part of the project is to use the history to help move the organization forward. Create a task force to envision the future. Bring a think tank into being to address the issue facing the organization today. Use the year to help move forward.

You can find out more about this idea from the Energize, Inc Web site, http://www.energizeinc.com.

Articles and Research on Volunteerism

The Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) recently released the ARNOVA Abstracts. The Abstracts are a listing of articles and reports from journals, magazines, and scholarly dissertations, with brief summaries. Volume 23, Number 4 of this publication is focused on volunteerism.

This issue is a treasure trove of information on volunteers, volunteer management, and volunteer leadership. Below is a sampling from the 30+ pages of resources.

Members of ARNOVA receive this publication as a benefit of membership. For more information contact at http://www.arnova.org/ The abstract is a handy reference tool.

E-mail for ARNOVA exarnova@iupui.edu.

Marketing an Arts Program

Arts Marketing (http://www.artsmarketing.org) is a Web site aimed at providing information on a wide range of topics about such things as branding, audience research, diversity, and printed resources related to arts programs. There are reviews of books, a forum allowing discussion on issues and essays on an array of arts topics. There are links to Barnes and Noble to provide easy ordering of books. The site is a service of the Art and Business Council of New York City, sponsored by American Express.

New Page with Tech Tips

Georgean Johnson-Coffey, of Fort Wayne, Indiana joins the team of writers for Volunteer Today with this issue of our electronic gazette. Georgean's Tech Tips will be a monthly feature. You can learn about a variety of technical and electronic means for working with volunteers. It is by no means limited to the computer. Some volunteer programs are providing on-call volunteers with cell phones. Imagine the policy implication of that!

Georgean has over 20 years experience in the field of volunteer management in social service, healthcare, and government settings. She is currently the software trainer for Red Ridge Software, creator of "Volunteer Works." George has a thriving business as a trainer and consultant in the field of nonprofit and volunteer management and administration. Be sure to visit this new page.

Volunteer Today Bookstore Accepts American Express

A note of interest to all VolunteerToday visitors. The Volunteer Today Bookstore is now accepting American Express Credit Cards via the telephone or snail mail. We were recently approved and are happy to provide this service. Visit our Bookstore and order some books in a new way.

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