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Collaboration: Government and Nonprofit Join Hands

The Department of Defense, Military Postal Service Agency, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and their Ladies Auxiliaries are cooperating in a letter writing campaign, "Tell them You Care." The project allows Americans to send cards and letters to service members deployed to the former area of Yugoslavia. If you are interested in this project, contact your local VFW unit or contact 1st Lt. Craig Erlanger at 703-325-7851 or craig.erlanger@hqda.army.mil.

Wired Locales

American Demographics reported on a study by Nielsen/Net Ratings on the percent of people with Internet access. Find your city in the US to see if building an Internet presence is worth it!

 San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose  61%
 San Diego  58%
 Washington, DC  56%
 Seattle-Tacoma  55%
 Portland, OR  54%
 Boston  51%
 Dallas-Ft. Worth 47.6% 
 Denver  47.3%
 Atlanta  46%
 Los Angeles  43%
 Phoenix  42%
 Chicago  41.7%
 Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota  41.5%
 New York  41.3%
 Houston  41%
 Detroit  40%
 Philadelphia  40%
 Minneapolis-St. Paul  38%
 Miami-Ft. Lauderdale  36.9%
 Cleveland  36.8%

Nonprofits Grow in Number

According the US Internal Revenue Service, the number of nonprofit charities that filed informational tax returns rose from 180,931 in 1995 to 192,059 in 1996. Total revenue reported was $704 billion.

Source: Winter 1999-2000 Statistics of Income Bulletin, Internal Revenue Service

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